Halo Wars 2 Review

In the test Halo Wars 2 impresses with an elaborate campaign and bombastic tank battles. We check if that’s enough to follow in the footsteps of Command & Conquer. Halo Wars is a rude mess of our carefully constructed world view. Real-time strategy, as the custom goes, has its home on the PC. If it […]

Advantages Of Crypto

Many people who hear about crypto currencies for the first time doubt the usefulness of this digital currency and its seriousness. One of the most common arguments I have heard so far was that currencies like bitcoins have no intrinsic value and are therefore completely worthless.

What Does Crypto Mean?

The origin of the term “crypto” lies in the term “cryptography” – to encrypt science, information and data and thus protect them from unauthorized access or manipulation. By “cryptic” money, we therefore mean money in digital form.

HTC Exodus – The First Blockchain Smartphone

HTC is about to release a new smart phone called Exodus – there is no exact release date yet, according to Coindesk at the end of 2018. The Exodus will be the first model based on block chain technology and supporting different cryptocurrencies.