Binance – One Of The Best Exchanges?

Binance is becoming more and more popular. That’s not surprising. Here you have a simple platform with the best-known coins and low fees. Also positive is the app, which differs from the usual PC platform only in very few points. Whether Binance makes the difference or you log on to another platform is up to you. To make the decision easier, you can see the comprehensive test report on Binance vs Bitmex here:

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Bitcoin Casino Slots – A Revolution in the Online Casino World

Betting and playing with Bitcoins (BTC) in online casinos is still a grey area in terms of legality and security for players, according to our experience. Can Bitcoin Casinos defy this trend by offering a service that not only enables a wide range of gambling with the digital currency, but is also professionally managed and reputable when it comes to player protection? That remains to be seen.

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Place sports bets on the Internet with Bitcoins

The digital currency Bitcoin has some features that make it interesting for sports betting as well. Deposits and withdrawals can be processed within a few moments and are completely anonymous. For this reason, no personal data is required for registration with a Bitcoin bookmaker. Although it is currently not clear whether the currency will actually prevail in the long term, there are already some bookmakers who accept Bitcoins as a means of payment. But what makes Bitcoin so special for sports betting and who are the best bookmakers?

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Has the Bitcoin course been rigged? The US Department of Justice determines

Washington is investigating whether the price of the largest cyber device has been driven up with the help of another crypto currency. The focus is on the tether coin. BTC has become very popular recently, it is widely used for gambling in online casinos and also for betting on soccer or other games.

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Buying Ethereum – these possibilities exist

After Bitcoin, Ethereum (Ether) is the crypto currency with the largest market capitalization. The Ethereum exchange rate has rallied strongly in recent months. If you jumped on the bandwagon in time, you could turn a few hundred euros into several million. But what is behind Ethereum and how can you as an investor buy Ethereum? Continue reading “Buying Ethereum – these possibilities exist”

Crypto Casinos – these factors are important

Casino games were long considered a luxury, the nearest casino was often miles away. After a hard day’s work, there was only the possibility to play a little at the slot machine in the pub around the corner to switch off. Rapid technological development has made it possible for anyone to enjoy it after work – in the online casino at home.

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Halo Wars 2 Review

In the test Halo Wars 2 impresses with an elaborate campaign and bombastic tank battles. We check if that’s enough to follow in the footsteps of Command & Conquer. Halo Wars is a rude mess of our carefully constructed world view. Real-time strategy, as the custom goes, has its home on the PC. If it ever wanders on consoles, as it did on Nintendo 64 or Playstation 2 back then – yes, there really was! – then as a peculiar curiosity, quickly forgotten by historiography. You can already bet with bitcoin on Halo here. Continue reading “Halo Wars 2 Review”

Volleyball Bitcoin Betting – Advice and General Tips

Bitccoin Betting on volleyball: Volleyball betting is very important for online bookmakers. The ball hunters on the net undoubtedly belong to the extended mainstream offering. The popularity of volleyball in general is also quite high, especially in popular sports. The top teams in this country can already attract a few thousand spectators into the halls. Of course, the World and European Championships enjoy special attention, although Germany has been less successful here in recent years. In the following guide we are a little immersed in the volleyball offer of the bookmakers and would like to give you at the same time some general betting tips on the way. Continue reading “Volleyball Bitcoin Betting – Advice and General Tips”